Pink Mantis Bio

Sandy Cohen:  Drums, vocals
Kevin James: Guitar
Memet Ozgoren: Guitar (filling in for Kevin in 2008)
Anne Walker: Bass, vocals
Mike Walker: Guitar, vocals

In the mid-90's, while Sandy was fronting the Boston power trio Grind, Mike was playing with Kevin--who was newly available after the breakup of notorious noise-rock degenerates Hullabaloo--in experimental noisepunk outfits Altered and Impervo.   In 1998 Mike joined Sandy in Planet Queen, which released a few compilation singles and a full-length album before the band broke up in 2000.  In 2004 Mike and Kevin began writing for a new project with Sandy on drums.  Mike's sister Anne was recruited to play bass after her stint with Jason Hatfield and The Marmalade.

The Sound

The band is by turns lazy, grooving, and frenetically tense, with echoes of roots, garage punk, indie, soul, and heavy rock.  The songwriting is collaborative, with lead vocals shared among Mike, Sandy, and Anne.  The songs are long on vocal harmony and melodic intent, dynamically building bursts of raucous energy and snarling guitars from swinging melodic foundations.  The debut CD, Pink Mantis, will be released early 2007.  Buy the debut CD and check out some MP3's on our music page